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Hello and welcome to my portfolio!

Let's start of by introducing myself.

Hi! I am Felix, a 17 year old student and developer with around 1 year experience in web development. In this year I've learned a lot of programming languages and types of way to code.

I am mostly into creating websites, both designing and programming them. I have a passion for creating the websites stunning and unique design for each website. As you will see down below I have skills in a lot of different programming languages both web and c# programs, and the most common libraries as JQuery and Bootstrap 4

I currently reside in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Let's move onto my developing skills!


I have good skills in HTML Since I started my programming journey I've always thought that HTML5 was the easiest language (Markup Language). Since the beginning, I've used HTML and CSS, and later libraries and frameworks such as Bootstrap 4 and JQuery.


I have pretty good skills in CSS3 as well, Sometimes it can be weird and some problems might cause a problem with my brain because CSS3 is a very complex styling language. But I have used this for a while and would say my skills are getting better and better for each day.


I have decent skills in JavaScript, I know how to use it and I know the basics of it. But I am not the best JavaScript developer out here, Though I am still practising on it every day to someday be as good as I want to be, and that is full knowledge of the programming language.


I would say that I have exactly the same amount of time spent with JQuery as JavaScript. JQuery is a library to animate and make the websites dynamic and not static, I am still in the learning progress of this and hopefully, one day will update my own website to dynamic with effects etc.


I have decent skills in Bootstrap 4, I am getting more and more into it and I love it. Bootstrap 4 is a library to easily design the website, it helps with aligning text's images and div's. Really good library to use when you are a programmer.


I do not have a lot of skills in PHP, I just started learning "back-end" development and currently, I am learning programming PHP with databases etc. I am learning this in school so I am getting better every week but PHP is a complex language so it will take time to learn.


I do not have a lot of experience with Node Js either but I've used it a couple of times to program some bots but I love the language generally and will probably prioritize this language before PHP as a backend language.


I have pretty decent skills in C#, I have used it to build console applications. This was the very first language I started to learn and it is pretty simple and that's why I started with it to understand the programming logic.

Portfolio / References

Let's show you some of my past work.


Clean and easy website for @Reesently


Clean and easy website for @Reesently


Clean and easy website for @Reesently


Clean and easy website for @Reesently


Clean and easy website for @Reesently


Clean and easy website for @Reesently


Now if you want to order anything do not hesitate to contact me!

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