What Is Cardistry?


First of all you need a deck of cards and then you need to practice every day for the rest of your life :) In the beginning you can use any deck but wtih the time you get better you can start buying more expensive decks because the more you spend time on learning about cardistry and evolving your skills the more you can feel the difference between the paper stock of the cards. Some cards ar thinner and some are cards are lighter. If you are just starting out i recommend you learning some basic cuts like all kinds of sybil cuts and some basic one handed cuts such as charlier cut and reveloution cut. After you have learned some basic stuff you can move on to some more advanced cuts like the molecule cuts or pandora flourish. There are so many different flourishes and cuts out there and it is a good way to start out and when you feel like you are pretty decent you can start to create your own cuts.